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Tooth-Colored Fillings

New York Fillings That Look Like Enamel

Filling materials in the past were made of metal such as silver and were unsightly. They also tend to become loose after a while and fall out leaving a hole in the tooth and creating another possibility for infection. The new filling materials used today are a composite resin that resembles the enamel of the tooth so it blends in and is not noticeable, unlike metal fillings. Resin fillings also add strength and support for teeth weakened by cavities and makes them stronger.

Old silver fillings also contained small amounts of mercury which is not good for the structure of the tooth itself. They actually cause the tooth to weaken and be more vulnerable to breaking. The new fillings add strength and beauty to correct and eliminate cavities.

Choose Your NYC Dentist Who Practices Mercury-Free Dentistry

At one time, silver fillings were the only filling material available for the treatment of cavities. Much of this metal contained small amounts of mercury which can become toxic in the system and cause all kinds of health problems if it leaches into the bloodstream. The mercury in the filling becomes exposed when the surface of the filling is worn away by wear from chewing. These types of fillings also discolored the tooth making it appear grayish-looking around the gum line and the inside of the tooth.

Mercury, or Amalgam fillings, are bad for your teeth and your health and should be avoided. That is why it is important that you seek treatment from dentists who use only mercury-free fillings. Mercury-free dentistry in Midtown Manhattan is the safest solution for your dental problems.

What are the tooth fillings made of?

Tooth fillings are comprised of composite materials such as plastic and silica, or zirconia. They provide a stable support base for the teeth and a natural appearance to cover the tooth that was filled. Always choose fillings that are mercury-free for the highest safety standards.

While it is important to look and feel your best when you are out in the world, safety should always be the first factor in your choice. Enamel-colored fillings are more aesthetically-pleasing and there is no concern for toxicity.

Another benefit of mercury-free fillings is that they are just as strong as natural teeth. 90 - 95% as strong, to be exact. Silver fillings only register at 45% and they don’t look as nice.

The Process of Applying Tooth Fillings in New York City

If your Midtown Manhattan dentist spots any tooth decay during your dental visit, he or she will make an appointment for you to have a tooth filled. You really don’t want that tooth to become infected because then you will have a whole new set of problems, rather than just one bad tooth.

The dentist will remove all the decay from the surface and surrounding areas of the tooth. Once it is cleaned, the composite resin is mixed and color-matched to look like your own teeth material. The mixture is used to fill the hole in the tooth and smoothed to be invisible to the eye. It may have to be sculpted by hand to match the tooth exactly. Once it hardens it is virtually unbreakable.

Recap: Why Replace Silver/Mercury Fillings:

  • They are old and outdated materials
  • Mercury is toxic to the system
  • They weaken the tooth structure
  • They are unsightly and unattractive
  • More of the tooth surface is removed
  • They do not look like natural teeth
  • After a few years, they become loose and fall out

Why is mercury used in silver tooth fillings anyway? Mercury was used in the mixture because it makes the filling compound more soft and pliable. When mixed with an alloy powder, it makes a material that can be shaped and molded to fit the tooth. It also hardens quickly is strong enough to resist biting and chewing.

Why Tooth-Colored Restorations:

People like the look of white or light-colored fillings compared to the old metal ones. It is easy to forget when laughing or smiling that you have fillings and if they show you will not feel very confident about how you look. Because the enamel-colored fillings don’t show, you can feel totally confident when laughing, talking, smiling, and eating. Especially when the fillings in the front teeth.

Another benefit is that they can usually be done in one office visit instead of several visits to Midtown Manhattan dentist spread out. They require much less space and time to attach and adhere to the tooth, and the bonding time is shorter as well.

Enamel-colored tooth restoration is the best way to deal with and prevent future cavities, infections, and ultimately tooth loss from happening. Modern dentistry has advanced so far in the last few years. Who would ever have thought there would be an alternative to silver fillings? The composite material bonds to the tooth making it stronger, harder, and more resilient than it was before filling. Ask your New York dentist what he or she recommends.

If you think you may have a cavity, see your New York Total dentist right away. If you have old fillings that need replacing he or she can do that and give you a new updated look for the new year with tooth-colored fillings.

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